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    Hello Traders.

    Every now and then a thread of that kind opens upward. I had a similar thread in the past, which I, unfortunately, could not maintain (apologies to whoever I was not able to respond to). Got busy then stayed off FX completely for ~2 years. Well today I have some time. I will code your EA/indior for free. But, such threads have a tendency to always have a ratio that is low. Additionally, lots of requests come up so quickly that the writer just can not fill, because of their limited time. So I will place some conditions here in order to attempt to control the process to an extent.

    First of all, a disclaimer:Anything developed here is by no means a secret. You agree that any coding will be available for whatever use, to everybody , under a public domain license. I will do my best I have to do this if I accept a coding petition. I will offer the code below no guarantees. If you lose your money working with some of this free code developed here I will not be held liable. I will presume this to be an agreement to the disclaimer Should you compose a petition in this thread.
    With that out of the way, here's how this will work:
    Currently, I will alloe 4-5 hours a week to get this particular thing. Most likely on Fridays or Saturdays.

    This means I will only be effective at working on 1 project per week. So please, when writing a petition, keep that constraint in mind. Try to make sure that your project may be achieved inside a 4-5-hour period.

    Also, I apologize in advance for whatever requests I will not have the ability to handle. I'm doing this in my spare time, so I will not have the ability to take in every request.


    Finally, this post is where all of the important updates are going to be. So please, read carefully before responding. Now, let the fun start!

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    Good day, Sir. Do You still codding Foreign Exchange robots ? Can You send me PM if so? I believe if understand what You are doing that it is less than one hour job. Please, contact me if you're able to help me.

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    Sir, Fantastic day. Can you codding Currency Market robots for free? If yes, can You send me PM? I think if understand what it is that you're doing it is less than one hour work. If You can help me, please, contact me.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    mtarek16, I'd very much appreciate it if you (or anyone else) can make a fairly straightforward EA for me personally. The EA that I need is one that is going to move my original stop to breakeven... once the price has transferred a fixed amount of pips. So, by way of instance, if I type that the number 50, then when the price moves in my favor by 50 pips, then the halt would proceed to breakeven. At that stage, my commerce will go on to hit my goal plus it will return on me and also be stopped out at breakeven. I really need this for my trading system....
    Google luktom visual order editor ( I think that it isn't permitted to post a link ). It is for free and contains all (and more) you need.

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    Mtarek16, I would very much appreciate it if you (or anyone else) can make a fairly simple EA for me. The EA I need is one that will move my initial stop to breakeven... once the price has moved a fixed amount of pips. For example, if I type to the EA box the number 50, then when the price moves in my favor by 50 pipsthe halt that is my could move to breakeven. At that stage, my commerce will go on to reach my target or it will come back on me and be stopped out at breakeven. I truly need this for my trading system. If you can help me, I would be grateful to you. P.S. - If anyone knows of this EA in life - if here at this forum or somewhere else - please note here in this thread to let me know.

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    I need an ea. Which is set pending order over and below of previous candle close and open (not in high and low) if u can include these two option that will be great. That means pending order over below close, and pending order over option in input. If it's bull candle above buy below sell vise versa. The gap ought to be flexible. That means if we need to put 5 pip under or over the candle which should be customize. When after present candle. Didn't execute order that must be deleted and repeat same process. If a single order ch for example buy order executed then present candle close then pending sell to be deleted and then place below that existing candle that must be continue after hit TP, if earlier that sell order cached before stop loss hit then buy ought to be close and set buy pending above that candle. And need moneymanagent,risk management, tracking stop, break , profit lock to be add. Notice:- if u can add reverse commerce which will be helpful. (sorry for my poor english
    ) Due

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    如果您可以幫助編碼此EA,請點擊這裡。這是一種半自動的自動交易。 。 1)我們在圖表上手動畫一條水平線(綠色列為Service或紅色列為阻力)2)價格達到此線時(超過最大“ x”點),然後反彈“ y”點,EA將開放交易。例如。首先我們繪製一條服務線(綠色)@ 1.2000,價格跌至該線@ 1.1997(低於/超出服務線3點),然後反彈(例如@ 5點),將觸發EA買入位置@ 1.2002,SL, TP批次大小是預設的。決定對於阻力線是相反的,如果價格下跌“ y”點將觸發賣出,則價格向上運動至紅色線(最大允許“ x”點在線上方)。參數(可調):1)服務線顏色:綠色(手工繪製)2)耐性線顏色:深紅色(手工繪製)3)批量尺寸:2.0 4)TP:30 5)最大點數(允許)超出支撐位/阻力線:6.0 6)開倉新點的“拒絕”點:5.0 7)SL:7.0 *每擊中一條服務線/阻力線,EA將只交換1次。我認為該EA可以為我們提供很多幫助。對於這個例子,我們的任務只是從圖表中找出“關鍵線”,然後繪製它們。然後,EA將照顧其餘的人。 。

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    Well, You never know... it's strange, I have You in my subscription list


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